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With gas engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the domestic gas industry we have more than a 95% success rate with repairing boilers of all types and manufacturers.

Often we are called to properties which have had several visits by other gas engineers who were unable to resolve the issue. The reason for our success with repairing gas boilers is that our gas engineers attend boiler manufacturers specialised training sessions which pinpoint techniques for accurately diagnosing any problems with boilers.

We are constantly updating our knowledge base to enhance our expertise in order to provide our customers with the best service possible.

If you are having issues with your boiler and need a solution, please give us a text or a call and we will will do our utmost to resolve them. Alternatively you can click on the link below, fill in your details and a gas safe engineer will be with you shortly

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Many of the most common problems associated with modern condensing boilers are the direct result of a lack of servicing. Its relatively inexpensive to have a gas engineer visit your home or property once a year and service your boiler keeping it running effectively and efficiently.

Our engineers will make a thorough examination and test your boiler in all respects to make certain that it complies with the manufacturers stated requirements and provide you with years of hassle free service

If you have a newly installed boiler it is of course a requirement of the manufacturer that in order for the warranty to be fulfilled it needs to be annually serviced by a gas safe registered engineer.

There is no need to spend extra money on service plans, simply have your boiler serviced and the manufacturer will cover all faulty parts and labour on a newly installed boiler that has a record of annual service.

If you need your boiler serviced give us a call and we shall be more than pleased to accommodate you at any time, evening or weekend.

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We install all types of makes and manufacturers of boilers, from Combi to Heat only or system boilers if you have a hot water storage cylinder.

We can also offer expert advice on what is the best solution for your particular situation as all homes and needs are different. A small one or two bedroom flat will have different needs than a four bedroom house with two or more bathrooms.

Just as circumstances are different so too are budgets. Essentially boilers come into three classes, high end, middle and economy range. All boilers essentially do the same thing what makes them different is not only how they do it but the guarantees and the warranties that the manufacturers are prepared to provide. These differ even among the same manufacturer depending on the models and ranges.

If you are looking to replace your existing boiler, need a quotation or simply advice on what's best for you we are always on hand to offer our expertise. Give us a call and we shall be more than happy to assist

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Our Commitment to Excellence

To say that we are committed to providing the absolute best service possible is perhaps an understatement. We in fact love it when our customers are smiling with satisfaction. We understand that heating and hot water requirements are essential to a happy home and the undue stress caused when they break down needs to be resolved. In our eyes a well functioning central heating system with a boiler purring away is a thing of beauty.

To prove our commitment our service extends from nine to nine all week days including the weekends. A gas engineer is always on call to provide heating and hot water solutions. We also offer a 24 hour emergency service if you have a gas leak that immediately needs attention or a boiler or pipe that is leaking and potentially causing flooding. This 24 hour emergency service also extends to all public holidays. We have installed boilers late on Christmas Eve when home owners were distraught.

Our service includes not only the installation, servicing and repair of all types of natural gas appliances, but also all types of gas fitting services from installing gas fires, to cookers and gas hobs. We also provide a gas safety check for Landlords for any number of gas appliances. We also install unvented hot water storage cylinders and system boilers if your hot water needs are extensive.

We realise that everyone's circumstances are different and choosing the best option is not always an easy decision. When it comes to the service, repair or installation of a boiler we try to make it easy by providing impartial advice that if we ourselves were in a similar position we would follow. This advice extends not only on the best policy to follow should a boiler breakdown but on what types of replacement boilers there are available, their merits or otherwise. What's the best size for your home, what types of thermostats are available etc etc

If you have anything related to your central heating or hot water needs, need advice or a solution for any gas appliance then please let us know and an experienced gas safe engineer will be on hand to discuss any of your concerns or queries. We remain truly committed to updating our skills so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

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